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About Us

We're designers, riders, hikers, skiers, paddlers, explorers, storybook readers, marshmallow roasters, weekend warriors. We have a combined 30+ years of experience designing gear for the outdoor industry. After years of making compromises, meeting price points and following trends, we just want to make what we want to make.  

We hope you want it too.

Designing private label product for the outdoor industry, we have worked with many of the best brands and learned a lot! A few years ago we added two mini bosses to our family and took that learning to a whole new level! Like how to stay sane and find time for what matters most, even when it feels like everything matters most. LOAM represents that balance for us. Loam is soil that has just the right mix of sand, silt and clay and loam is the ideal trail conditions for that ride that clears your head after a crazy day.

We are lucky to experience a lot of loam in Bellingham, WA. 

We find it inspiring.

We hope we can bring a little LOAM into your life too.


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