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Ivan Moore
LOAM Ambassador

Ivan is an active and enthusiastic member of the bikepacking race community. Who better to put LOAM Equipment through the paces. He pushes our gear to it's limits so we can continuously make improvements and new developments. We are grateful to all our amazing cycling friends who have shared adventures, ideas and feedback with us.

I was born in England and from an early age I had a love affair with bikes, in my early 20’s I raced time trial and flirted with road racing, but there was something missing. Then I rode from Santander in northern Spain across to Barcelona then over the Pyrenees through France and to Paris, I was hooked, that one experience led to many other shorter trips in England and Northern Europe. It wasn’t until I arrived in Washington in 2013 that it really took off for me, the forest called and my bike, loaded with stuff, and I answered. My family and I (3 young boys and my wife) would load up and ride out to state parks and camp, I dragged our 2 year old son around the WA peninsula for 2 weeks from Bellingham to Quinault, loaded into a Weehoo attached to the back of my touring bike. Then came the XWA, (which ended for me at mile 450 with a broken derailleur). Then the GDMBR from the Canadian border the Mexican border in 2019. After which Alan and Rachel invited me to join the Loam family, In 2020 like everyone I rode virtual events until October when I went to Bend to compete in The Big Lonely. I’m still a very young 53, ride for Northwest Competitive, and am honored to be apart of the Loam family.


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